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Mewing Tutorial: How to Mew? Before and After Effects and Results, Meaning, Guide

Mewing is a term that’s become popular in online communities. It refers to a specific tongue posture technique that is claimed to have various benefits, primarily reshaping the facial structure. Here’s a brief overview:

Origins of Mewing

Mewing is named after Dr. John Mew, a British orthodontist. Dr. Mew and his son, Dr. Mike Mew, have promoted the idea that how you rest your tongue affects your facial structure, especially the development of the maxilla (upper jaw).

Basic Principle of Mewing

The fundamental principle behind mewing is that by maintaining proper tongue posture, one can potentially influence the shape and alignment of the face and jaw over time. Proper tongue posture, according to mewing proponents, involves pressing the entire tongue (including the back of the tongue) against the roof of the mouth, while the lips are closed, and the teeth are either lightly touching or slightly apart.

Claimed Benefits of Mewing

  • Improved facial aesthetics, especially a more defined jawline
  • Improved breathing, potentially reducing or eliminating mouth breathing
  • Alignment of the dental arches
  • Prevention of orthodontic issues

Critiques and Controversies

While the idea of maintaining proper tongue posture is not controversial and is, in fact, a principle taught in speech therapy and certain orthodontic philosophies, some of the claims made by mewing enthusiasts, especially those related to drastic facial changes in adults, are more debated. Most of the evidence supporting mewing’s benefits is anecdotal, and there’s limited peer-reviewed scientific research on the topic.
It’s also essential to note that while some minor changes may be possible, significant skeletal changes in adults are unlikely without surgical interventions. The mewing technique might have more influence on children and adolescents whose bones are still growing.

Bottom Line

Mewing is a practice that emphasizes the potential benefits of proper tongue posture. While it’s unlikely to be harmful when done correctly, and it may offer specific benefits, its most dramatic claims (especially about facial restructuring in adults) should be approached with skepticism. If someone is interested in mewing or believes they have orthodontic or facial structure issues, they should consult with a dental professional or orthodontist.

This article is still a work in progress and was published on August 25, 2023, and last updated on August 25, 2023.

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