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Below we recommend products we believe are the best in their class. The list will be updated once we think we found a better substitute for a product listed so that you can be sure you use only superior products without any effort required to actually find them. These recommendations of products we use ourselves are honest, and not sponsored, although as Amazon Associates, we may earn from qualifying purchases made using our affiliate links.

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We recommend using an electric toothbrush that suits you best – either oscillatory, sonic, or ultrasonic. PubMed papers suggest oscillatory remove plaque best [1], but sonic can penetrate further than their brushes can reach [2] and ultrasonic (most expensive ones) can reach even further than them. Below we present sonic and oscillatory brushes. If you have a large budget we recommend you head to the Megasonex dealer for their 2-in-1 sonic&ultrasonic toothbrush.

Oclean X Pro sonic toothbrush

Key features: up to 40.000 VPM sonic vibration, touchscreen, 32 brushing modes, 2 minutes timer, blind zone detection (built-in 6-axis gyroscope) and synchronization with mobile app via Bluetooth (no pressure sensor though). All this comes in a sleek package with a long-lasting battery and for a reasonable price, quality built by Xiaomi.

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Oral-B Genius 8000

Key features: marginally more expensive than their 7000 model, with better design, battery, and features. It has a charging travel case, smartphone holder with Bluetooth app sync to show you blind zones, pressure sensor, position detection system, 6 brushing modes, 3D cleaning oscillates, rotates, and pulsates with up to 800 brush movements per second.

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Unless you have really serious tooth decay problems nowadays there is absolutely no need to use toothpaste with fluoride that may be toxic in larger amounts. Below we recommend two types of toothpaste with hydroxyapatite – a compound that remineralizes enamel just as good as fluoride, although it may be a bit less efficient in terms of antibacterial action, which is why there is zinc and xylitol added to one of the recommended kinds of toothpaste.

Biorepair Intensive Night Repair

Key features: no fluoride (uses HAp for remineralization instead), with zinc PCA and xylitol (antibacterial), no titanium dioxide, no SLS, no parabens, low RDA value (no abrasiveness). Made in Italy, ingredient Zn-HAp is a novel compound that remineralizes and desensitizes your teeth, but unlike fluoride is completely safe. Biorepair have improved antibacterial properties due to added Zinc and xylitol.
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Boka Ela Mint / Coco Ginger with nHa

Key features: no fluoride (uses nHa – Nano-Hydroxyapatite for remineralization instead), no SLS, no parabens, no artificial additives. Made in USA, vegan, mint or ginger flavors (use ginger when brushing before bedtime). nHA is a form of HAp – it is smallest form of the mineral (20-80 nm) that makes up enamel which means it can penetrate small spaces better. You save $2 when buying 2 tubes.
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Tongue Scraper

Should you use a tongue scraper? Of course! It prevents cavities, helps with getting rid of bad breath, but there’s more: it even improves heart health, boosts the immune system, and improves digestive health! What’s best about this tool is you buy it once and for all plus it’s cheap too!

Copper Pure Copper Tongue Scraper by Mastermedi
A tongue scraper is an important accessory in daily oral hygiene, as it lets you clean your tongue thoroughly. Buying one of these is a no-brainer: you want it to be handy, made of copper, and ideally with a protective case. Copper is the best material because it is antibacterial (it’s superior to plastic). There are more expensive and sophisticated tongue scrapers on the market, but they are not more effective, so why overpay? Here you get 2 pieces with 2 travel cases for a reasonable price.
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Best floss would be thick and waxed, with fluoride (we prefer fluoride-free kinds of toothpaste, but it’s okay in a floss, hydroxyapatite is great too but only RiseWell manufactures them this way), and with added extra antibacterial coating. In Europe, we love Donto Dent Zahnseide packed in handy green boxes (100 meters each), but since these are not available worldwide here are our other picks.

DenTek triple clean floss picks (with fluoride)

These work in 2 ways: there is a floss with fluoride coating on one side to help you clean proximal surfaces and textured pick on the other to help you remove debris from between teeth. These floss picks come with no break guarantee, have perfect reviews, and you save when purchasing 3 packs at once.
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Boka Ela Mint Floss

This is a way to go if you want a great floss with that is all natural, as advertised: teflon-free, petroleum-free, made from natural vegetable wax. It feels great to use this product as it does not get stuck or shred with the only downside being lack of remineralizing agent (fluoride or hydroxyapatite).
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Dental Probiotics (for oral microbiome)

Healthy oral microbiome means fewer cavities, fewer gum problems, and fewer infections. But it doesn’t end there, because the good and bad bacteria in your mouth are directly linked to the bacteria in your digestive system so it impacts your overall health. This is why instead of killing 99% of all bacteria you should supplement protective bacteria in your oral cavity.

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We do not recommend using classic, popular Listerine-like mouthwashes due to their acidity and harmful impact on the oral microbiome. In general, you do not need a mouthwash, but if you intend to use one we recommend alkalizing, alcohol-free mouthwashes with xylitol, made of natural ingredients (although fluoride may be beneficial in severe decay problems) and certainly without an antibacterial agent. What you want is to promote a healthy oral microbiome with elevated pH levels, not a disinfectant.

CariFree CTx3 Fluoride Rinse

Number “3” in the name of the product means triple action: pH neutralization, xylitol and fluoride. There is also CTx4 mouth rinse available but you do not want to use it as 4th action is antibacterial. CariFree CTx3 is safe for everyday use and really effective thanks to its principles.
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Elementa Nano Silver Mouthrinse

For those who would rather avoid fluoride this product also has triple action as it contains safe form of nano silver, xylitol and calcium (but no remineralizing agent, only calcium). It also neutralizes pH level and is free from all the bad stuff, which makes it great for everyday use.
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Book on dental caries and oral hygiene

Balance: A Guide to Managing Dental Caries for Patients and Practitioners (click to see)
This may come as a surprise as this book is super underrated, and a bit old (but the year 1852 listed on Amazon is a typo, the book is around ten years old!) but we believe this is the best book on dental caries and dental hygiene available on the market. Please go read our review first.

Mouth Taping

Mouth taping is a great practice not only for teeth health but for better sleep, regeneration, and overall health. If you’re into mouth taping long-term you may have encountered the problem of skin sensitivity or even skin irritation (redness) after repeted tape use in the area of mouth. This can often happen when using classic micropore tapes.

3M Nexcare Sensitive Tape

This product solves the problem of skin irritation – it does not irritate your skin and can be used long-term without any skin or mouth irritations. It’s super easy to remove, and the tape has ideal width for the job. The hold is slightly worse than the micropore tapes so in some cases you may still need to add a little bit of micropore tape around.
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Disclaimer: please note that as Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases made using our affiliate links. This fact does not affect our recommendations, and not all recommended products use affiliate links. We are not affiliated with any brands or manufacturers, nor do we sell dental products.

This list is still a work in progress and was last updated on November 25, 2023.

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