Recommended products

Below we recommend products we believe are the best in their class. The list will be updated once we think we found a better substitute for a product listed so that you can be sure you use only superior products without any effort required to actually find them. These recommendations of products we use ourselves are honest, and not sponsored, although as Amazon Associates, we may earn from qualifying purchases made using our affiliate links.

1. Toothpaste: Biorepair Intensive Night Repair (click to see)
We recommend Biorepair as our toothpaste of choice. Key features: no fluoride (uses HAp instead!), no titanium dioxide, no SLS, no parabens, low RDA value (no abrasiveness). It’s made in Italy, Europe and uses Zn-HAp instead of fluoride – it’s a novel compound that remineralizes and desensitizes teeth your teeth, but unlike fluoride is completely safe if ingested (100% non-toxic). We recommend Intensive Night Repair version because it contains not only Zinc PCA but unlike other versions also Xylitol. Obviously, it does not have to be used before sleep – you can use it as your regular daily toothpaste, but please keep in mind that if you drink tea, coffee or smoke you will need to use also another higher RDA toothpaste, as Biorepair may be too gentle to remove all the tartar and discoloration.

2. Tongue scraper: Copper Tongue Scraper (click to see)
A tongue scraper is an important accessory in daily oral hygiene, as it lets you clean your tongue thoroughly. Buying one of these is a no-brainer: you want it to be handy, made of copper, and ideally with a protective case. Copper is the best material because it is antibacterial, therefore you won’t be reinfecting your tongue with the bacteria you have removed earlier. There are more expensive and sophisticated tongue scraper on the market, but they are not more effective, so why overpay?

3. Floss: coming soon.
Best floss would be thick and waxed, with fluoride (we prefer fluoride-free kinds of toothpaste, but it’s okay in a floss), and with added extra antibacterial coating. We are currently seeking such a product that is available worldwide. In Europe, we like Donto Dent Zahnseide packed in handy green boxes (100 meters each).

4. Toothbrush: coming soon.
There are two ways to go: sonic or ultrasonic, we will discuss both options soon.

5. Mouthwash
We do not recommend using classic Listerine-like mouthwashes due to their acidity and harmful impact on the oral microbiome. Currently, we are seeking alkaline, alcohol-free mouthwash made of natural ingredients to recommend so please check back soon.

6. Book on dental caries and oral hygiene: Balance: A Guide to Managing Dental Caries for Patients and Practitioners(click to see)
This may come as a surprise as this book is super underrated, and a bit old (but the year 1852 listed on Amazon is a typo, the book is around ten years old!) but we believe this is the best book on dental caries and dental hygiene available on the market. Please go read our review first.

7. Products for kids
Coming soon.

Disclaimer: please note that as Amazon Associates, we earn from  qualifying purchases made using our affiliate links. This fact does not affect our recommendations, and not all recommended products use affiliate links. We are not affiliated with any brands or manufacturers, nor do we sell dental products.

This list is still work in progress and was last updated on September 29, 2020.