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Heal Tooth Decay – Masterclass: eBook + Consultation

If you’re struggling with tooth decay we’ve got something for you. Our ultimate 3-levels solution:

Level 1: I just want the shortest essence of what should I know and do

Quick Guide PDF

Level 2: I want to learn as much as possible on the tooth decay problem

Full Book PDF
+ Quick Guide PDF
$29.99 (the book is not yet available)

Level 3: I want you to look at my case

1-year support and consultation (limited spots available)
+ Full Book PDF
+ Quick Guide PDF

At DentalFreak we are obsessed with tooth decay. By far this is our favorite dental topic to research and write about! We have read almost all books on caries (tooth decay) out there and could not find one that we could genuinely recommend, which is why we decided to make our own ebook. But it does not stop there – we believe this topic is so complex that a regular book is insufficient. This is why we present you with a holistic course on solving problems with dental cavities!

Do you keep getting new cavities time and time again no matter what you do? We have a complete solution for your problems!

Here’s our solution to this problem, in this masterclass you will learn:

  • Why do you keep getting cavities and what can be done about this
  • How to heal your cavities naturally, without drilling (but keep in mind that this is no miracle cure or snake oil, we will tell you what is realistic and what is not)
  • How to never have a cavity or a root canal again, even if you already have multiple dental restorations
  • How everything is connected: your diet, mouth pH, habits, quality of your dental care, the way you sleep, the way you breathe…
  • How to tell if your dentist is a good dentist
  • We will give you tons of extra dental hacks not published anywhere else

Our course is a package that consists of:

  1. 40+ pages ebook with all the nitty-gritty you need to never have a cavity in your life!
  2. 30-day course via email newsletter explaining in detail all aspects of the process – this is an extension of the ebook with more detailed information and examples (30 days period, which you can reset on-demand free of charge if you lose any of our emails – this option is not available in the BETA version of our course, but we will send you all the e-mails once they’re ready)
  3. personal coaching and answers to your questions (up to 60 days period)
  4. access to a secret support group about teeth and tooth decay (where you can ask us further questions)
  5. lifetime newsletter subscription with dental hacks, research news, and recommended products – usually sent once a month (cancel anytime you want)

Questions and answers regarding the course

All the questions we get will be answered here, so please do not hesitate to share your concerns with us!

Are you a dentist? Is this real science or “bro science”?
We’re not dentists, but we’re not snake oil salesmen either. The course is 100% science-based and we guarantee it. Most of our claims are backed by Pubmed papers and since we provide all the references you can verify on your own to make sure it’s a hard science. It is also important to stress that most dentists are focused on the work they do (restoring teeth) and not many of them are interested in oral microbiome, diet, supplementation, and other tooth decay hacks.

Why is this being sold and not distributed for free?
Essentials of the course will be (or actually are at this point) available free of charge on our website (please head to ≡ INDEX to see the full list of articles that are complete. All you need to do is to browse our website and find them all, while in a book you have everything in one place!
Also, by purchasing the whole experience we will actually spend time analyzing your case and give you personalized advice on what needs to be fixed and how. No one else does that. You will have everything explained in more detail but most of all you will support our cause of promoting dental knowledge to every human being. This means that 100% of our proceeds go to a charitable cause of promoting our free information to broader audiences.

How is this better than other books on dental caries?
There are many pop science books on this topic – some are good and some should be avoided. You can learn more about them in our reviews. Now imagine that you could read only one ebook that would cover all the important things that are science-based, and skip all the things that wouldn’t work anyway. That’s what we’re offering here. We have read all the books for you and put everything worth reading into one condensed ebook.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?
No, because we spend our time helping you and consulting your case we do not offer a money-back guarantee. We also do not offer any guarantee of success, because we only give you tools and knowledge, and we have no control over whether you are going to implement it or not.

The first iteration of our ebook is focused only on living caries-free, but in the long run, we are planning to expand it so that it covers multiple oral health-related topics.

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