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Oclean S1 Toothbrush Sterilizer Review – Xiaomi Smart UVC

This is going to be a very detailed review not only testing the product itself but also explaining well the science behind UV-C sterilization cleaning and answering a series of additional questions in the Q&A section.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored article or any kind of an editorial - we have purchased our toothbrushes on our own and their manufacturer did not interfere in the review process at any step. This is a fully independent test and we are not associated in any way with the company that produces Oclean Sterilizers.

Oclean S1 Anti-bacteria toothbrush UVC LED Sterilizer 2 in 1 Toothbrush Holder Bacteria Killing Tooth brush Cleaning Machine

1. UVC-LED safe sterilization, up to 99.99% sterilizing rate.

2.Can hold up to 5 toothbrushes for family, of which 3 positions are used for disinfection and 2 positions are used for storage.(Including Phillips and oral-B tooth brush and other manual toothbrush.)

3.The design is inspired by a retro lamp with a curved shape and string for pulling, which can be easily integrated into modern living environments

4.Friendly blue indicator light reminds you to avoid ultraviolet radiation.

5.Mainstream toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and razors on the market.

6.Built-in 1000mAh Li-ion battery, charge for 2.5h, use for 20 days.

Science behind uv sanitization of toothbrushes – what does PubMed say about it?

There are multiple papers published around the topic of toothbrush sanitization. Some of them include UV as a metod of choice while other focus only on using chemical agents. There is one study (1) claiming that UV rays are more effective than 0.2% chlorhexidine (CHX) gluconate solution. There are also another studies that conclude UV light is an effective method of sanitising toothbrushes, claiming that other companies products provided between 83% and 100% decrease in total CFU (bacterial counts). (2)(3)

What’s good:

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What’s bad:

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The bottom line:

We like it.

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This product review was last updated on May 01, 2021 and is still work in progress.

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