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Megasonex M8 review – ultrasonic toothbrush

We have tested two Megasonex M8 toothbrushes with different heads and tongue scrapers (can be purchased separately). This is a very detailed review not only testing the product itself but also explaining well the science behind ultrasound cleaning and answering a series of additional questions in the Q&A section. Please note that there will be also an additional article on ultrasound technology in dental applications as well.

Disclaimer: this is NOT sponsored article or any kind of an editorial - we have purchased our toothbrushes on our own and their manufacturer did not interfere in the review process at any step. This is a fully independent test and we are not associated in any way with the company that produces Megasonex toothbrushes.

Ultrasonic toothbrush as a concept

There are four main types of toothbrushes: regular manual toothbrush, electric oscillating toothbrush, electric sonic toothbrush, and electric ultrasonic toothbrush. They are listed from the least to the most advanced, but as you will learn in this review it’s not all that simple. First of all, the definition of ultrasound is a series of acoustic pressure waves generated at a frequency beyond human hearing – this means you won’t be able to tell if the ultrasound is ON or OFF (at least without having scientific equipment). So basically, an ultrasonic toothbrush is a type of an electric toothbrush designed for a daily use that operates by generating ultrasound (in case of Megasonex frequency is 1.6 MHz that is 96,000,000 pulses or 192,000,000 movements per minute) to help effectively remove plaque and damage bacterial chains that typically make up plaque, which after brushing become torn up, rendering them harmless.

What’s in the box?

Megasonex toothbrush comes in a large, black box. We have to admit that the package is very neat and makes a great impression of an exclusive product. It contains the toothbrush, white inductive charger (that doubles as a dock), 2 different toothbrush replacement heads (or rather a complete toothbrush plus a replacement head), plastic travel case (just for the toothbrush) and all the printed stuff including warranty and manual.

Tongue scraper for Megasonex

Megasonex toothpaste

Megasonex vs Emmi-Dent – which is better

Megasonex vs Ultrasonex – which is better

Megasonex vs Sonicare – which is better

Megasonex vs Smilex – which is better

Megasonex vs Philips – which is better

Megasonex vs Emmi-Pet – which is better

Emmi-pet is also an ultrasonic toothbrush, but it’s a product designed to clean animals’ teeth, so there is no point in comparing these two. Instead, please read a comparison with Emmi-Dent ultrasonic toothbrush, which is the same manufacturer, but designed for humans.

Questions and answers section

Is ultrasonic toothbrush better than manual (regular)?
Is ultrasonic toothbrush better than electric?
Is ultrasonic toothbrush better than sonic?
What is the best ultrasonic toothbrush?
How do you use an ultrasonic toothbrush?
Can sonic toothbrush damage teeth?
Can ultrasonic toothbrush damage teeth?
How does an ultrasonic toothbrush work?
Are sonic toothbrushes really better?
Are ultrasonic toothbrushes really better?
Which ultrasonic toothbrush is best?

If you ask us, we like the Megasonex due to their replacement heads being slightly cheaper and sleeker design. But once you go ultrasonic any choice is a good choice.

This product review was last updated on January 15, 2020 and is still work in progress.

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