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Megasonex M8 Review – Ultrasonic Toothbrush Test

We have tested three Megasonex M8 toothbrushes with different heads and tongue scrapers (these can be purchased separately). This is a very detailed review not only testing the product itself but also explaining well the science behind ultrasound cleaning and answering a series of additional questions in the Q&A section. Please note that there will be also an additional article on ultrasound technology in dental applications as well.

There is new Megasonex M8S model available, we will test it soon!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored article or any kind of an editorial - we have purchased our toothbrushes on our own and their manufacturer did not interfere in the review process at any step. This is a fully independent test and we are not associated in any way with the company that produces Megasonex toothbrushes.

Ultrasonic toothbrush as a concept

There are four main types of toothbrushes: regular manual toothbrushes, electric oscillating toothbrushes, electric sonic toothbrushes, and electric ultrasonic toothbrushes. They are listed from the least to the most advanced, but as you will learn in this review it’s not all that simple. First of all, the definition of ultrasound is a series of acoustic pressure waves generated at a frequency beyond human hearing – this means you won’t be able to tell if the ultrasound is ON or OFF (at least without having scientific equipment). So basically, an ultrasonic toothbrush is a type of electric toothbrush designed for daily use that operates by generating ultrasound (in the case of Megasonex frequency is 1.6 MHz that is 96,000,000 pulses or 192,000,000 movements per minute) to help effectively remove plaque and damage bacterial chains that typically make up plaque, which after brushing become torn up, rendering them harmless.

What’s in the box?

Megasonex toothbrush comes in a large, elegant black box. We have to admit that the package is very neat and makes a great impression of an exclusive product. It contains the toothbrush, white inductive charger (that doubles as a dock), 2 different toothbrush replacement heads (or rather a complete toothbrush plus a replacement head), and a plastic travel case (just for the toothbrush), and all the printed stuff including warranty and manual. It is also being sold in different packages with extras such as Megasonex toothpaste, tongue scraper, or more replacement heads, but these packages are usually a bit more expensive.

How does Megasonex work?

There is only one button and two diodes on the toothbrush making it is fairly simple to use. When turned on both diodes (white and blue) are on so they’re not very useful. Modes of operation are the following:
1. Push it once and it will operate in 18 000 sonic + ultrasonic.
2. Push it once more and it will cut sonic vibrations to 9 000 + ultrasonic.
3. Push it once more and it will disable sonic vibrations making it operate only in the ultrasonic mode. This mode may feel like the toothbrush is off since it won’t be generating any sound or vibrations but the diodes will tell you that the ultrasonic mode is active, but it’s impossible for humans to detect its action.
4. Push it once more and you will turn the toothbrush off.
Notes: once you turn it on and choose the desired mode you won’t be able to switch between modes, you need to turn it off first. Once turned on in 18 000 sonic or 9 000 sonic modes Megasonex will inform you every 30 seconds that you have completed 1/6 of your brushing time. Since the ultrasonic-only mode is silent you won’t be noticed when using this mode.

Megasonex review – our point of view

Megasonex toothbrush has a sleek design and is comfortable to use. Its size is comparable to most of the sonic toothbrushes, only a bit smaller. All the silver/chrome accents including the Megasonex logo quickly wear off, also white plastic may turn yellowish if it’s exposed directly to the sun (this applies to both toothbrush and charger). Replacing heads is super easy and takes about 5 seconds – this is important, because you may be often switching between the brush head and tongue scraper. Megasonex has superior brushing technology but when it comes to its overall technology it’s not impressive at all as it uses an old battery type, has no display, no Bluetooth connectivity and no smartphone app sync, and even no brushing pressure sensor. There are no settings other than the 3 modes of action (that we have already described), and the toothbrush has no gyro to tell you if you have covered all the areas in your mouth. But compared to manual toothbrushes it allows you to brush really gently, in a massage-like manner. It certainly has all the basic features you need: water resistance (IXP7 class), timer, ability to adjust sonic vibrations, and ease of use.

Tongue scraper for Megasonex

The tongue scraper works as a replacement head. It is sold separately but is totally a must-have if you decided to buy the Megasonex toothbrush. Since competing sonic and ultrasonic products do not offer such add-ons this is a huge advantage for Megasonex. This piece is made of plastic and can be used to clean your tongue more effectively than by just using a toothbrush. You clean your tongue by scraping sharp plastic edges of the scraper while operating a toothbrush in the ultrasonic mode as the second mode of action. This way the tongue scraper is more effective than classic separate tongue scrappers. This is a good investment especially when you consider the fact that it does not wear over time just like regular toothbrush heads.

Replacement brush heads

Megasonex offers 4 types of replacement heads:

  • Sawtooth soft “MB1”
  • Sawtooth medium “MB2”
  • Flat soft “MB5”
  • Flat medium “MB6”

We liked the soft “MB1” type the most, but you can try different types and choose the ones you like best. Megasonex replacement heads are cheap and easily available and it literally takes 3 seconds to replace, which is handy considering that you’ll be often switching these with a tongue scraper.

Megasonex toothpaste

Megasonex offers also a toothpaste which (as they claim) is designed for electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes (the world’s first nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste designed specifically for electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes (though it still works just fine for manual toothbrush users as well)). We have to admit the product is very appealing since it uses nano-hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride, is SLS, sulfate, paraben, and preservatives free and is low abrasion with a balanced pH. But there is one drawback – it is too pricey. There are kinds of toothpaste on the market that have all the features of Megasonex features but are half the price. So while it is a very good product we’re recommending you to have a look around if you’re looking best bang for the buck. Please note that while some sellers offer Megasonex toothpaste as an extra it is not included in the standard toothbrush package.

Megasonex battery life and replacement

Megasonex is equipped with a non-replaceable, rechargeable 4.8 V battery made in NiMH technology (which is short for nickel metal hydride). Its capacity is 250mA and its declared operating time (meaning full to empty) is 28 brushings, 3 minutes each, or about 2 – 3 weeks. Please note that it uses an older battery type (not the Li-Ion or Li-Poly that most smartphones use) which means it should be charged in a different manner not to degrade too quickly. We recommend charging it from time to time and not charging it after each use. Avoid discharging it completely and charging it to the max too often.
If you have purchased a brand new Megasonex toothbrush the battery will last for about a month until you need to recharge it – this is accurate with what the manufacturer declares. Charging is super easy with provided wireless charger that doubles as a toothbrush holder. Battery life will obviously degrade over time making each Megasonex toothbrush useful for about 2 to 4 years depending on how much it is used and how often it is charged.
The battery is non-replaceable which means that once it’s dead more serious intervention is required to bring the toothbrush back to life. Replacement aftermarket batteries can be purchased cheaply but you won’t be able to access and replace the battery without damaging the toothbrush so please be aware that you also need to purchase a new replacement toothbrush body which combined with battery cost make it an expensive repair. It is also possible to have a battery replaced by the manufacturer, but since it costs nearly as much as a new toothbrush it does not make much sense.
There is a red low-battery indicator built in, but sadly it does not work as it should (and we have tested 3 separate Megasonex toothbrushes) – it will inform you about low power seconds before it’s fully discharged which usually is not enough to finish your brushing. Also, there is no display to show you how much power is left so you need to learn sonic vibrations sound and recharge every time you realize they are somewhat slower. Our recommendation is the following: charge your Megasonex toothbrush every time you notice the sonic vibration has a lower frequency than it used to have after a full charge.

Megasonex drop test – how durable is it?

We have dropped our toothbrush about 4 times during regular use and it survived all of them without problems, but please note that we heard stories of them breaking when dropped on hard surfaces (but please treat this information as anecdotal evidence, we say it’s sturdy enough). One of our test toothbrushes with low battery capacity (degraded over time) refused to work by not charging at all. Another toothbrush’s blue diode stopped working after it was dropped, but we believe it’s a cosmetic malfunction and the ultrasound is still there.

Questions & answers and comparisons section

Megasonex M8 vs M8S differences?

The Megasonex M8S is a newer, better, and more expensive toothbrush than the regular M8. It operates on the same principle (same ultrasonic technology) and looks identical, but it’s a premium version of this product with both better performance as well as sold with more extras in the box. Below is a table with all the differences between M8 and M8S:

Model name M8 M8S
Warranty 2 years 3 years
Uses per charge 28 40
Charger Standard USB type-C
Water resistance IP54 IP68 (superior)
Package contents 1 Toothbrush
1 Travel case
2 Brush heads
1 AC adaptor
1 Standard charger
Everything listed on the left + extras:
1 Tongue scraper
1 Toothpaste (5ml sample)
Instead of standard AC Adaptor / charger:
1 USB converter
1 USB-A to USB-C cord
1 USB-C charger
Plug types EURO / US / AU EURO only
MSRP $ 189.95 $ 239.95

Tips on using the Megasonex toothbrush:

  • You don’t need to use Megasonex toothpaste, it’s good but overpriced. Look for a cheaper hAP toothpaste.
  • Charge your Megasonex from time to time, when you notice that the sonic vibration is slower than it used to be. Don’t wait until it’s fully discharged and don’t charge it between brushings.
  • Go watch some videos on how to brush with an ultrasonic toothbrush. Thanks to its technology you can brush gentler and still achieve the same great results.
  • Replace your toothbrush head every time you notice that the bristles are no longer fully straight. We recommend using a sawtooth soft brush head (called “MB1”).
  • When brushing late at night you can tape the blue LED light on the toothbrush, it serves no real function but can be too bright.
  • We really recommend you get the Megasonex tongue scraper and use it every time before you brush your teeth!
  • Keep the toothbrush away from direct sunlight as this will make its body yellowish and also can cause some cracks.

What’s good:

  • superior technology (sonic + ultrasonic in one device)
  • great tongue scrapper addon
  • sleek design, good durability
  • reasonably priced replacement heads (4 types to choose from)
  • useful plastic travel case included

What’s bad:

  • there is no display, and the settings are very basic
  • it fails to deliver on some promises, especially not reducing significantly tartar/calculus
  • battery is older technology and virtually non-replaceable
  • it does not have a pressure sensor built in
  • low power indicator does not work as it should
  • some replacement heads were a bit loose on the toothbrush
  • the toothbrush is pricey when compared to sonic brushes

The bottom line:

We like it, if you can afford it then this is the toothbrush to get. If you’re on a budget we suggest cheaper sonic toothbrushes instead. Currently, Megasonex is our toothbrush of choice but we’ll be testing more products so that may change soon.

Megasonex vs Emmi-Dent reviews – which is better

Although both Megasonex and Emmi-Dent operate on a similar concept they differ a lot:

  • Emmi-dent only gives you an ultrasound, while Megasonex is both ultrasound AND sonic vibration (as an option, since it can be used in ultrasound mode only, too)
  • Emmi-dent has their crystal in the disposable brush head, so it generates the ultrasound directly there which may be superior to Megasonex, but it also makes their replacement heads more expensive
  • both Megasonex and Emmi-dent are made in China, although both claim they are designed or packaged somewhere else
  • Emmi-dent claims you should not touch your teeth at all, while Megasonex recommends to gently brush your teeth (with pressure up to 150g) to sweep away bacterial chains after the ultrasound has torn them
  • Emmi-dent bristles are rougher than Megasonex, but since they should not actually brush teeth it makes not much difference
  • both products differ a lot when it comes to design, Megasonex being a loot sleeker and also looks like it’s more convenient to use
  • although both brushes utilize exactly the same technology, Emmi-dent claims about how deeply the ultrasound penetrates are much greater – 12mm compared to 5mm that Megasonex claims for their product and 4mm that Megasonex claims for Sonic toothbrushes without ultrasound (it’s hard to conclude that Emmi-dent claim is backed up by science, so it’s safe to assume both toothbrushes are similarly effective)
  • Emmi-dent produces some kind of useless vibration so that the user knows it’s working, Megasonex in ultrasound-only mode is absolutely quiet
  • Emmi-dent requires that you use their toothpaste, while Megasonex only recommends their toothpaste, but does not say it’s mandatory for the toothbrush to work at its best
  • Click here to see Emmi-dent toothbrush on Amazon

Megasonex vs Smilex reviews – which is better

Megasonex and Smilex are in many ways very similar products. They share the basic working principle: both are ultrasonic and sonic technologies at once with exactly the same operating frequencies, so in terms of effectiveness neither is better. The differences are in their extra features, but because they cost nearly the same money and whichever you choose you’ll be happy with it. So what are the differences and which toothbrush do we recommend? We recommend the Megasonex, but only due to the fact that as of 2020 both their toothbrushes and replacement heads seem to be easier accessible (and easier accessible usually means they’re cheaper, and you’ll be able to get your replacement faster, too). Also, Megasonex lets you choose sonic vibrations speed between 18000, 9000, and no sonic, while Smilex only operates at full 18000 vibrations. It is also equipped with a handy travel case, while Smilex is provided only with a case for two replacement heads. Both toothbrushes use the same NiMH battery technology, the same way of replacing heads, and the same way of charging. Also please note that Smilex is produced in Japan which may mean it’s better quality than China-made Megasonex. We will review the Smilex once we’ll be able to get our hands on it.

Megasonex vs Ultrasonex reviews – which is better

Ultrasonic toothbrushes appear to be no longer on the market, so we’re unable to compare these two products.

Megasonex vs Emmi-Pet reviews – which is better

Emmi-pet is also an ultrasonic toothbrush, but it’s a product designed to clean animals’ teeth, so there is no point in comparing these two. Instead, please read a comparison with Emmi-Dent ultrasonic toothbrush, which is the same manufacturer, but designed for humans.

Is ultrasonic toothbrush better than manual (regular)?

Yes, it is, but a classic manual toothbrush may be good enough if you don’t have serious problems with your teeth or gums. An ultrasonic toothbrush will let you achieve the same goals as a manual toothbrush faster.

Is an ultrasonic toothbrush better than electric?

If you have decided to go for an electric toothbrush it’s best to buy a sonic or ultrasonic one rather than a classic electric toothbrush with rotation-oscillation.

Is an ultrasonic toothbrush better than a sonic?

Technically speaking, yes it is. But the advantage is very slight, and the price difference in price may be significant. So if you need a superior solution go for an ultrasonic, and if you don’t want to overpay just stick to a sonic, preferably made by a popular Chinese manufacturer.

Is there a way to prove that ultrasonic waves really work?

The problem with ultrasound sound waves is that their frequencies are higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing. So without specialistic equipment, you won’t be able to tell if they’re working properly or not.

Are ultrasonic toothbrushes really better?

Yes, they are better than manual toothbrushes because they can reach places that you can’t physically access thanks to the waves they generate. But please keep in mind that it is

Which ultrasonic toothbrush is best?

If you ask us, we like the Megasonex due to their replacement heads being slightly cheaper and sleeker design. But once you go ultrasonic any choice is a good choice.

Where is Megasonex toothbrush manufactured (made/produced)?

Megasonex toothbrushes are made by Goldspire Group Limited based in Hong Kong. While the box claims that they were invented in the USA and designed in Japan, they are manufactured in PRC which is short for the People’s Republic of China. So yes, these are made in China. Also please note that the product is produced specifically for a certain market, our item was manufactured for Panaford B.V. based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

How do you use an ultrasonic toothbrush?

To use an ultrasonic toothbrush, follow these steps:
– Wet the bristles of the toothbrush and apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the bristles.
– Place the toothbrush in your mouth and turn on the device.
– Hold the toothbrush at a slight angle to your teeth and move it back and forth along the surface of your teeth.
– Gently brush the front, back, and top surfaces of your teeth, using a circular motion to clean the gums and along the gum line.
– Brush your teeth for two minutes, or as directed by the manufacturer.
– Spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth and the toothbrush with water.
– Turn off the device and rinse the bristles thoroughly with water. Allow the toothbrush to air dry before storing it.
By following these steps, you can effectively use an ultrasonic toothbrush to clean your teeth and gums. It’s important to brush your teeth twice a day and to use the toothbrush as directed to ensure that your teeth and gums are properly cleaned and healthy.

Can sonic and ultrasonic toothbrush damage teeth?

Sonic toothbrushes are generally safe for use on teeth and are not known to cause damage. Sonic toothbrushes use high-frequency vibrations to clean the teeth and gums, and they are gentle enough for everyday use. However, as with any dental device, it’s important to use a sonic toothbrush as directed to avoid damaging your teeth or gums. Be sure to brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time, and avoid brushing too hard or applying excessive pressure. If you have any concerns about using a sonic toothbrush, consult with your dentist for advice.

How does an ultrasonic toothbrush work?

An ultrasonic toothbrush uses high-frequency vibrations to clean the teeth and gums. The toothbrush produces ultrasonic waves that create microscopic bubbles in the water on the toothbrush head. These bubbles collapse on the surface of the teeth and gums, creating a cleaning action that removes plaque and bacteria. The toothbrush also has a built-in timer that helps you brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time. Some ultrasonic toothbrushes also have additional features, such as multiple cleaning modes or LED lights, to enhance the cleaning experience.

Are sonic toothbrushes really better?

Sonic toothbrushes and ultrasonic toothbrushes are both effective tools for cleaning teeth and gums. Both types of toothbrushes use high-frequency vibrations to clean the teeth and gums, and they are gentle enough for everyday use. Whether a sonic toothbrush or an ultrasonic toothbrush is better for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some people prefer the broader, more diffuse cleaning action of a sonic toothbrush, while others prefer the more targeted cleaning of an ultrasonic toothbrush. It’s a good idea to talk to your dentist to determine which type of toothbrush is best for you.

Megasonex vs Mira-Teeth reviews – which is better

See the comments section for our comment on Mira-Teeth.

Disclaimer: as Amazon Associates, we earn from purchases made using our affiliate links.
This product review is complete and was published on December 30, 2019, and last updated on June 7, 2023.

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What is the best ultrasonic toothbrush?


Megasonex vs Sonicare reviews – which is better


Megasonex vs Philips reviews – which is better



  • Lucy

    While this looks as an interesting and innovative product it’s really expensive and not available in all countries. I have thought about it for a long time now, but I guess I’ll have to stick with cheaper chinese brands sonic brush.


      If you’re on budget probably that’s the way to go. Please keep in mind that it’s way more important to brush frequently and with a proper technique rather than how advanced your toothbrush is. Also, modern (and cheaper) sonic brushes are just as good as the Megasonex.

  • Janie Charles

    Thank you, Dental Freak for this comprehensive review. The Megasonex toothbrush is aesthetically pleasing, has attractive features and looks like one that I would like to use. Since the concept is rather new to the U.S. market, I would want the option to return for refund if necessary. The product website sates that all sales are final. It ships from Hong Kong and likely would need to be returned there, so return would be cost prohibitive anyway. If the company gets U.S. based distributors in the future with better customer care, I would buy their products.


      In Europe, these are not sold directly by the Goldspire Group Limited and shipped from Hong Kong but rather sold by local distributors making it more accessible. Anyway, we doubt you’d want to return it for a refund, and we highly recommend using sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush! If you’re on a budget it can be Oclean, Soocas, or other cheap yet reliable brands, these all work in a similar manner, and then if you like the concept you can try Megasonex with virtually no risk. While technically speaking ultrasonic is best, they’re all good enough really.


      Hey, thanks for the question!
      We have not tested the Mira-Teeth, but after checking it’s technical specification it appears is a different technology than Megasonex. Although both are technically “ultrasonic” they are different frequencies. Anything above 20 000 Hz is considered ultrasonic, but Megasonex is way above this range with 1.6 MHz, which is approximately 192 million movements per minute. As a comparison Mira-Teeth is approximately 60 million movements per minute. Both products are probably good enough and not worse than Sonic toothbrushes which already are a great choice. We will surely review the Mira-Teeth once we can get our hands on it.


    Hello I am in the UK and desperately trying to purchase some replacement heads – does anyone know where I can get hold of them This is the best toothbrush I have ever had and it has saved my teeth and gums. I really do not want to stop using it



      There is Megasonex store on Amazon ( version), also on eBay there are some listing from Germany, which could probably be shipped to UK. If both these ideas fail try email info[at]megasonex(.com) and they will guide you to your nearest dealer.
      Hope this helps


      Yes, to be honest, this is the best reason to buy on of these, especially the Megasonex since classic Sonic toothbrushes may be a bit too aggressive.

  • tony

    Key for me is the penetration for periodontal disease/gum disease.

    If you don’t have this, or implants or sensitive teeth – why would you need this type of brush? A Sonic brush is cheaper.

    You assert the the list of cons – that it doesn’t affect calculus???
    That is incredible as it is one of the main selling points of these brushes – are you sure?

    The other big deal is the Ultrasonic energy penetration being 5mm for the MS vs the 12mm for the Emmident (this is in their video).

    As the actuator is in the thin tip, not the brushhead in the MEGASONIX, the brushheads are very cheap, but the 17mm piezo electric actuator I would think has a smaler area and is probably far weaker than the larger actuator in the Emmi-dent brush head.

    I believe the emmi-dent platinum has 4 times the energy of prior models depositing 200mW/cm2 of ultrasonic energy at 1.6Mhz to break up biofilm and bacteria.
    This means the 12mm penetration vs 5mm for the MS is probably correct and makes sense. This is critical for periodontal pockets where no other brush can reach which can go as far as 9mm.

    The japanese sonix brand say they deliver under 100mW/cm2 in their manual, but this also has a large actuator in the brush head and seems to have great reviews (apart from biuld quality) on the japanese amazon. The MS is clearly the best in robustness, biuld quality and aftercare but probably not the best in terms of energy output and final results.

    Seems the Emmi-dent would be better to treat disease.

  • Alan

    Thank you for your thorough review of the Megasonex toothbrush. Being a user of the product for close to 8 years and having worked in the dental industry, I would like to comment on some of your conclusions:

    “it fails to deliver on some promises, especially not reducing significantly tartar/calculus”
    Please note that no toothbrush in the world removes or reduces tartar/calculus. This is what the hygienist does with a professional scaler. What toothbrushes are designed to do is to remove plaque, which if not removed will eventually turn into calculus.

    “battery is older technology and virtually non-replaceable”
    NiMH technology and chemistry is changing yearly. It is definitely not what it was before and definitely has nothing to do with nickel cadmium batteries which had memory. Today’s NiMH batteries could last more than 5 years and some as long as 10 years. The main reason why manufacturers use NiMH batteries is that they are not restricted for air transport by IATA rules.

    “low power indicator does not work as it should”
    I never had a problem with the low powered indicator (blinking red light which shows less than 10% charge).

    “the toothbrush is pricey when compared to sonic brushes”
    $189 dollars including free trackable postage to almost any destination in the world is not a bad price for an ultrasonic (not sonic) toothbrush.

    And the M8-S does have a replaceable battery. Unfortunately, the batter can only be replaced by authorized centers.

    By the way, Smilex is no more except a few places in Japan.

    Thank you again.


      We used 5+ of these brushes and on average the battery usually last ~2 years of normal use. After that time the battery needs to be charged more often which is inconvenient. If you charge it after every use (leave it on charger after every brushing) you could probably use it for another year, maybe 2. Low power indicator in some toothbrushes works okay, in some not, hard to say why. Some toothbrushes does not show they are fully charged – red charging light blinks forever. And compared to chinese brands like Oclean these actually are expensive. All in all, this is a great toothbrush and we recommend it, but it has drawbacks which we listed and we believe these are accurate observations based on multiple Megasonex toothbrushes not just one.


      We still use Megasonex. But we always say this: the difference between best possible toothbrush and classic manual soft-bristled toothbrush is little. The big differences are: brushing with proper technique vs not brushing with proper technique and brushing frequently enough vs not brushing frequently enough. Also flossing vs not flossing is a HUGE difference!

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