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Cavities and Tooth Decay – Heal, Reverse Naturally, Fix and Prevent

Cavities and tooth decay is no. 1 topic so we have decided to write a detailed article with Q&A section answering every question you have ever asked us! We are also planning to release the whole book on this subject so please check back soon in a couple of weeks!

This article is on how to heal tooth decay (reverse cavities) naturally, that is without drilling. It does NOT mean that you shouldn't consult the case with your dentist. Having bitewing x-rays and opinion of your denstist is priceless information about your chances for success! So please keep in mind that it's the dentist who is making calls if you could try a natural approach or it's too late and the tooth needs to be drilled & filled! Of course it's also good to have a second opinion if your dentist prefers the aggressive approach. Deciding on your own, without x-rays is not recommended, as it may lead to needing a root canal, or even having the tooth extracted!

How to heal cavities naturally and reverse tooth decay?

0. Knowing how it all works

All of your teeth have the ability to heal so that you can reverse tooth decay naturally! This is not quackery or bro science, but rather scientifically proven fact. Unfortunately, as usual, it’s more complicated in practice that is why we’ll describe this process in detail.
First of all, this healing is something different than what you may think. Cavities (tooth decay, or caries if you want to use proper terminology) can be either active (progressing) or arrested (once progressing, now stopped). An active cavity is one with progressive loss of minerals – the damage is still occuring, so as time passes it will become more and more severe. Arrested decay is what we consider healed cavity – it is remineralized and will not progress anymore. But you need to know that it does not mean that teeth can grow back. Best analogy we have found so far is by dr Judene Benoit, please read the quote from an interview with her below:

If you accidentally cut your fingertip off, you would say the skin around it is healed. You’re happy, the skin is hard, it’s not susceptible to an infection and it’s functioning just like normal. But the actual fingertip does not grow back and it’s the same with cavities.
So when you have a cavity (a hole in your tooth), it can’t be completely reversed or the tooth grows back, but it can be remineralized and the cavity can become arrested.

1. Assessing the damage (bitewing x-rays) to decide if cavities in your teeth are eligible for healing or reversing the damage naturally.

If your tooth is already painful that is a strong indication that you may not be eligible for fixing your cavity naturally (without a dentist drilling the tooth). The best-case scenario is early decay caught on bitewing x-rays, and that usually is a proximal cavity (located between teeth) that can’t be seen (yet!) – neither by you nor by your dentist. How to heal cavities naturally without going to the dentist? Well, actually the question should be: how to heal cavities naturally without drilling – dentists may actually be helpful in letting you know how good chances are that your cavity will heal. Not all dentist are fans of drilling – a good dentist will let you know in advance that a cavity is forming, so that you may act to stop it.
In previous chapter we described that perfect state that we want to achieve are arrested caries. Since lost tooth structure won’t grow back how do you know that you actually arrested a cavity? It’s easy – by comparing x-rays taken at separate occasions, ie. after 6 months. If they look exactly the same after 6 and 12 months it’s a good indication of an arrested caries.

Main takeaways:
– x-rays are the best way to detect cavities early when there is a great chance of success in healing them naturally
– while panoramic x-rays are good for general information, bitewing x-rays are best to assess tooth decay
– bitewing x-ray is a really low-dose radiation and can be safely repeated every 6 months (if your cavities risk is high) or up to every 2 years (if your cavities risk is low)

In some cases, you may be eligible for dental procedures that are drilling alternatives, especially DMG Icon.

2. Topical treatments with ozone or using a tray filled with a remineralizing agent or using fluoride concentrate

Topical treatments are the best way to remineralize early enamel cavities that have not yet penetrated into dentin. We recommend having custom-fit trays made at the dentist (typical night guards but you can use your Invisalign trays as well) and use them to put remineralizing paste every night (so that it stays on your teeth the whole night). This procedure should be repeated daily for a prolonged period of time.

Main takeaways:
– overnight hydroxyapatite remineralization combined with high concetration fluoride use for controlled amounts of time is our recommended strategy

3. Improving your oral hygiene

– tongue scraping

– using Waterpik

– flossing

– using mouthwash

– oil pulling

Main takeaways:
– improving your oral hygiene is beneficial not only in remineralizing existing cavities, but also is the best strategy to avoid getting new ones

4. Improving your oral pH levels

Main takeaways:
– it’s all down to pH levels, if your pH levels are below neutral you will be prone to cavities and remineralizing existing ones will be difficult or even impossible

5. Improving your diet

Main takeaways:
– diet rich in potassium, sodium, and magnesium plays an important role in cavities remineralization

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Please check back soon as we will update this article on a weekly basis.

This article is still work in progress and was last updated on October 31, 2020.

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